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Green Solutions

So what is Green Solutions?

Here at CHB Global, we are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and are, therefore, always thinking of ways to provide that extra help. This is how our Green Solutions are developed.

When selling into End Users, we noticed that not many customers had realised there was still monetary value left in their redundant IT – whether it be for remarketing or recycling, there is always some sort of money to be made from used IT Hardware.

Due to our technical and commercial expertise (through training programmes and IBM certifications) we are armed with knowledge and expertise to recommend best solutions for our customers. In some cases you may be able to reuse your existing IT (keeping it green) by introducing newer storage solutions, such as IBM Storwize, enabling our customers to supplement their existing technology. This gives you additional storage, keeps your data in its original place (saving on data migration fees) therefore saving you money by only paying for what you need. Other Green Solutions include:

  • Selling on the hardware to the Brokerage network (to be re-used) or
  • Recycling/Scrapping the equipment reducing our customer’s carbon footprint

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