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Asset Recovery

Buying back unwanted equipment…

What do you do with your old hardware and network equipment when you upgrade? Do you dispose of it or sell it on? Either way, CHB Global’s team members are asset recovery experts and can make it simple to manage your IT lifecycle and your company’s reputation.

At CHB we can help you develop an enterprise-wide plan so you can track each asset from delivery, to processing and recycling. We can help you ensure that you dispose of your assets in an environmentally safe way and in accordance with applicable local and country laws.

We can also help you recoup any residual investment from your unwanted hardware whether it be from remarketing or recycling with our Green Solution.

Below is an example of one of the Green Solutions we offer:

  1. We offer a buyback price on the existing redundant hardware
  2. We wipe your data securely and have the capability to offer secure data wiping up to approved MOD Standard
  3. We either:

a. Sell on the hardware to the Brokerage network or

b. Recycle/Scrap the equipment reducing our customer’s carbon footprint

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